Thursday, December 24, 2015

I was recently taken to task by a real-life friend. In a nutshell, I realized I was not keeping my friends adequately updated on the events in my life. I very much identify with her personality, that of a person who doesn't ask so many questions and feels that if someone wants you to know something they will tell need to go digging. People like us are often left guessing though, confused and wondering how we missed so much. 

While I don't feel that every person on the street needs to know the details of my life, I could have done better. When my ex and I separated last March, I was not about to let anything play out publicly. I suppose I did too good of a job. 

That's right, I said ex. I am divorced now. No, I won't be discussing any details related to that. I want to apologize to the people who looked to us as a model family. Often the image doesn't mesh with reality. 

Also, I'm in a new relationship, which is something I could not have predicted. He is handsome and handy and the whole thing looks very promising. Those of you who might scold me, saying its way too soon, could you just be happy for us? Or if not, perhaps buzz off?

In 24 hours I'll be leaving to move 12 hours away from here. I am struggling, and failing to some extent, to wrap things up here. Packing and purging while caring for many children has taken its toll on me. This level of stress reminds me of scary times in the hospital with Ralph. It seems I'll have a truly fresh start considering some of the precious things I've had to let go, or leave behind. It's just stuff, right?

I never imagined that I would be a single mother to many children, some with significant challenges. I did not choose this path, but it's a been a year full of drastic changes and exciting opportunities. I don't know what my life will look like in 2016 but more changes are in store! I'm ready to welcome the new year with open arms. 


mex said...

Good luck & you deserve happiness. Ignore the naysayers...

Anonymous said...

Live your life, love your life and enjoy...the heck with the haters!