Thursday, May 22, 2008

Letting go

Yesterday was my last day teaching high school math. When I started teaching Geometry two years ago a light bulb switched on in my head. I'm a great teacher. I have a way of making new concepts understandable. Plus, I really, genuinely like teenagers.

I made the committment to teach this year before I knew of the health challenges that we faced with Ralphie. I made the committment to pay for private school before I know of the financial challenges we faced. Now I have to make good on the committment I made to Ralphie when he was born.

I firmly believe that Ralphie is a gift from God. A gift to our family. A gift to everyone he meets. Even a gift to people he has never met. So now I get to be a different kind of teacher. I get to help him develop his gifts. It is my calling.

I've been a good mom to Ralph, but it's been a tough, chaotic year and I haven't always been able to put him first. Now life is going to be different. Better. We all have some healing to do. Me and Ralph...and the crew.


dillon1966 said...

Steph, you do have a gift from God. He was given to you, James and your family because you are equipped to make his life meaningful for so many people. Even though you may not see it now you have a more full and meaningful life than most and will be able to look back some day and know ya'll made a difference and gave Ralphie the means to touch a lot of people for the better.

Anonymous said...

I am just going to say "ditto" (does anyone say that anynore??, HA!) on the previous comment, such a true and correct comment! And you are doing such a great job, you will look back and say wow! in a few years when he is older! He is such a cutie, and I just love seeing all of the pics of ALL the kids, you should post LOTS of pics I know I enjoy all of them with all of the kids! I am sure every one does!