Monday, May 14, 2012

The Beach Outside my Window

Early this morning I sat next to an open window and let the cool breeze wash over me. I closed my eyes and imagined that the rushing of the school morning traffic was actually a set of waves washing up on a beach outside my window. Just like the beach outside my motel room last week...

Celebrating our 20th anniversary on the beach was a blast! We've never taken a real vacation together, alone. Not even a proper honeymoon.

We are not luxury beach resort people. Not even. This groovy little motel was just the ticket!

Isn't The Beachcomber just as cute as can be? It will always be "ours." 

We spent lots of time walking on the beach. I couldn't keep myself out of the water, but SHOOT it was COLD! 63 degree F water shattered my romantic illusions of playing in the waves. 

The weather was quite cool as well, so we took a drive to Dana Point and hiked up on some cliffs. The trail was fenced off so we couldn't get too close to the edge. Better that accidents!

Nice view of the marina.

The dolphin/whale watching tour was a little to pricey so we headed back toward our home base in San Clemente. I spotted Urban Bicycle Outfitters on the way. How fun! We spent two hours on single speed cruisers exploring the beach trail. We even hit some hills in search of a more remote surfing spot called Trestles.

Famished after going strong all morning and a good part of the afternoon without eating, we sat down for a relaxing Mexican lunch at a beautiful place recommended by Pete at the bike shop. We ate so much we had to take a stroll afterward! That's when I spotted BC Surf shop...oh yeah...