Friday, June 8, 2012


Theo's birthday party was a SMASH! Umm...literally! 

 The nice white shirt HAD to come off. I knew what was coming!

Wonder who grabbed the cake before the candles were even lit?

Lesson learned: a 9 inch layer is TOO BIG for a smash cake.

He started out quite daintily...

...but got the hang of it rather quickly!

Since we were already completely messy, why not take the opportunity to practice with a spoon?

In other "Theo" news, he had his growth hormone stim test yesterday. It was a LONG day for us, up at 3:30am to drive to the big, big city. 

His first appointment was to follow up with the GI doc on his diagnosis of H. pylori. That was quick and easy. So quick that we had time to catch a little breakfast before his 9am blood tests. Theo was due for his prilosec, so I bought him a yogurt on which to sprinkle his capsule. Either I misfiled the information in my head or no one ever told me, but I found out upon check-in that Theo was supposed to be fasting for this particular test. We would have to reschedule.

My heart sank. The voices in my head started screaming about the $100+ in gas money that this trip requires. I was so relieved when they agreed to test him a little later in the day. Seriously, these people at this hospital have been so accommodating on many occasions.

Theo got his IV placed (he was an EASY stick!!) and we got started with the THREE HOUR test. Uggh! The thing that saved my sanity was that the first medication that they gave him was clonidine, and it knocked him out for a good two hours! I even got a little nap while holding him in the recliner. Thanks to the IV fluid his diaper filled up and leaked on me, but I wasn't about to wake him. (Thankfully I brought extra clothes, which I never do. Weird that I would have planned ahead so appropriately!) The nurse had a little timer that beeped every 30 minutes, then she would take another blood sample from the IV line.

I hope to have results sometime today or tomorrow and I promise to share.


Mel said...

Stephanie, I am in awe everytime I see new pics of that little guy!! What a change in him!! Praying for good news on the tests!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping for the best outcome. Thanks for posting the pics! :-)