Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spotlight on the "Spotlight"

Several weeks ago, without my permission, someone posted screen shots of one of my blog posts on their own blog. Not excerpts of something I wrote. They stole the whole thing. I didn't want to give this person and his/her agenda any unwarranted attention so I keep a lid on it.

Since blog posts are copyright protected, all I needed to do about this was request that the information be removed. Correct? Apparently not.

So I filed a DMCA complaint against http://theadoptionspotlight.wordpress.com/. I wonder if the owner of this blog thought that just because I question the way Reece's Rainbow conducts some of their business, I would jump on their kooky bandwagon. 

I do NOT support the mission of  http://theadoptionspotlight.wordpress.com/ and I would have NEVER given permission for one of my blog posts to be published there. I do not wish to be associated with this hot mess.

But, here I am. When the crap starts flying, everyone seems to get splattered.

I filed a DMCA complaint and my material was removed within 24 hours. End of story, right? 

Sunday, I received notice that my complaint was being countered. Yeah. This means that unless I bring legal action against the owner of this blog, they get to KEEP what they STOLE from me. That's not too surprising coming from a person who has organized a letter writing stunt to block as many families' adoptions as possible. This person apparently, honestly, does. not. care. who gets hurt.

Here is the letter I received: 

The address given is that of the Warsaw Hotel in Moscow. I would not have published the address if it were a private residence. Does anyone know this person? Is it even a real name? I'm starting to really wonder what is motivating this person.

The sad and crazy thing is that the "spotlight" blog could have simply linked to my blog post that they wished to reference. That would have been legal.


free_to_dream said...

Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog on my blog in s list of blogs I read. Yours is number fifteen.