Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventures in Medication - and auction results

Finally, after two years, our insurance company has agreed to pay for Theo's growth hormone medication. However, the brand that he has been using all along is not a preferred brand. Big surprise. 

Last week Theo got a big package in the mail. His new medication delivery system. It's really quite fancy and I'll share more about it later...after I receive my training!

In addition to a new brand of growth hormone, Theo is trying a little something else. We are battling his need for constant motion with a little ADHD medication. My hope is that this will also help with his impulsive behavior, too. I'm praying to see some marked improvement this week.

On the adoption front, we will be sending the last of our paperwork overseas this week. Then we wait for a travel date. It's not a leisurely sort of waiting though. We still have funds to raise!

The blog auction at was a great success, raising $1778 dollars. We still need to raise an additional $8000 to complete the process. A new, and more interactive auction has just been started on Facebook here:

And look at what was donated today! This beautiful golf bag!

Check out the devil dog on this USMC edition Barton cart bag. Come on over and see what other items are available. It's on until October 14. Thanks!