Monday, June 3, 2013

He loves without fear...

Happy Birthday, dear Theodore Honor Nance. You are beautiful, and a joy to me!

Days like today, I cannot help but think of the woman who ran away from the hospital when you were born to her. She must have been very frightened...possibly on purpose by the doctors. Maybe they lied to her about your survival, or your worth. Maybe they just didn't know better.

I don't hold it against her. I have a great deal of compassion for her, in fact. That Theo was neglected is the fault of an outdated and morally bankrupt system. It hurts kids. It hurts familes. I'd like to help change it.

But through the outright rejection, the undeserved abuse and neglect, Theo has stayed emotionally open. He's damaged (if you only knew), to be sure...but he loves without reservation, without fear. He is my inspiration. I want to be like Theo when I grow up.


Leah S. said...

Happy Birthday Theo!!! I know today, on the other side of the ocean, your birth mother's heart is aching while your mom celebrates your life. Bittersweet, for sure. I'm so glad you found your way home!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Theo!!! You are an amazing little boy!

Beautiful post, Stephanie!

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

He's come sooo far!! What a blessing he is, indeed. Happy Birthday sweet, handsome Theo!!