Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week three...and counting...

We are in the thick of it. Our third week of sickness.

I'm convinced it started before Christmas...with countless parties and junk food. We were all feeling strong and healthy, then the holiday party scene started. Cookies, candies, orchestra parties, parties for this class and that class. Sugar out the wazoo! The kids get all sugared up then dumped at home for three weeks.

We fought valiantly...limiting sweets, diffusing oils, sinus rinsing, hand washing, you name it. A teenager went down first...formally diagnosed with influenza A. The poor kid had just started a tough semester with several honors classes. He missed a whole week and I was sure this would result in failing grades.

Poor Ralph got it the worst. He was fine one day and feverish the next. He's better now, but still looks run down. The house is wrecked, as I am still super tired. Ralph's glasses are lost. Theo and Max held out the longest...and now they are beginning to show signs of illness. Things are just looking very impossible right now.

I can't wait to feel better...I have much to share. And I can't wait to see these two kids smiling and healthy again!