Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ralph turned three last Thursday, as you probably already know. He officially started school the very same day! I'm not quite sure how I feel about this yet. He is certainly ready, and eager to go anywhere and do anything. In fact, "go" is his favorite sign! See?

His backpack is almost as big as he is! He can't wait to get in the van.

Later in the day we had a little birthday party for the kids' cousins, who couldn't come to the party on Saturday. After presents, we played out back. It was such a warm day that Ruby didn't need a shirt. I just love naked babies in the summertime!
She is turning into a tiny chunk o' love!

It was so windy that day that even the little bit of hair on her head was blown straight up!

Yesterday was busy. Very busy. I had orders for 12 dozen enchiladas to make. Wesley came home from Thailand. Five children with baseball practice. Wash the car, because it rained mud the other night. Ralph had his real birthday party. Oh, and prom!
Don't these two look cute! This experience was sort of like the first day of Kindergarten where you put your child on the bus in the morning, then run to the car and race to the school to get photos of them getting off the bus.
Richard left in dad's car to pick up his date. Dad and I left in the old car to take some food over to the house where they would be eating. Then we waited for the prom kids to arrive to take photos.

Richard and Taylor had dinner with two other couples at a friend's house. So, three couples = six prom kids = twelve parents with cameras! While we were having a photo shoot on the front lawn an ice cream truck drove by. How fun! The driver was a hoot. He said it has been many years since he was in any prom photos!

When dad and I got home we had Ralph's birthday party. (I'll have photos to share in another post.) We really wanted the whole family to be together, but it just didn't work out. I have to say that I would not have survived the day without help from dad's mom and aunt, who were here at the house almost the whole day helping with children and running errands for me.
I'm surely blessed!


Lacey said...

Wow he is ready for school! How is your adoption coming? I just sent in our I600A forms, yipee!

TherExtras said...

Sounds wonderful! Love all the photos, too! Happy to read Wesley is home. Barbara