Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The last dose.

Tonight is a very special night. It doesn't feel special. It's not like I picked up the house or anything. Perhaps I should have!

Three times a day, every eight hours, every day, for the last (almost) four years I've given Ralph his pulmonary hypertension medication. For the first three years that included some other medications as well. Those were discontinued about a year ago.

With Ralph's school schedule I've been staying up until midnight each night to give his last dose of the day. That's late. To do that every night is tough.

Well, tonight is the last dose.

After tonight Ralph will be on ZERO medications. That's so huge.

There were days when I wondered if he would ever be healthy. It's hard to remember, but during some of those dark days I wondered how long he would survive. I never would have believed how strong and healthy he would become.

Ralph is a rock star!
Here is Ralph two years ago, still on oxygen. Here's my blog post that day. haha!


Christine said...

Congratulations on last dose of meds. It's so great he's not on oxygen anymore too!