Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ralph gets his first computer...well sort of.

Ralph has earned a very bad reputation around this house lately. He has demonstrated a talent for the destruction of computer keyboards.

First he ripped a few keys off of my computer. No big deal. I was able to put them back on with a bit of patience.

This kid is fast. I mean you cannot turn your back on him because he crawls like greased lightening! Dad found this out when Ralph took some keys off of his computer one day.

Next he got Thomas's school computer. He grabs at the keys repeatedly until they pop off! One of the keys went flying and is still missing!

Then the very worst possible thing happened...Ralph got to Wesley's computer. Wesley just bought his computer after saving up for it and college all Fall. Ralph snuck in to Wesley's room. He had lots of time to do his work before he was found out. Not only did Ralph rip off many keys, he destroyed the seatings.

Did Wesley purchase an optional accidental damage warranty? Nope. He replace the keys that he could replace and has been limping along without the others for about three weeks. Last Friday he left his computer unattended in Ralph's reach AGAIN! This time was just as bad.

Wesley and Ralph are close...I mean tight! They adore one another, but I thought Wesley was going to wring Ralph's little baby neck! I told Wesley what I told him weeks the manufacturer...see what they can do. This time he actually called! They are sending a brand new keyboard and it will be here tomorrow!!! should always listen to your mom.

Today Richard found this old desktop keyboard for Ralph. I wasn't sure if he would like it, 'cause it's not a laptop keyboard like he enjoys so much. He was quite tickled, though. He had a great time pounding on it and laughing out loud. We'll see if this helps reform destructo-baby.


Rexpennae said...

Little clarification here, both times he got to my computer I was doing things for you and dad... Things I was called out suddenly to do, and had not time to secure my computer, either by putting it up, or properly shutting my door.

Stephanie said...

Oh my! No time to close the door? What terrible parents we are!

Anonymous said...

lol! You two crack me up!

Goodness gracious! Fast crawling and keyboard destructing - your need to upgrade his motor goals, Mom.

GREAT story! Thanks!

Mommy and Peepers said...

Haha, we went through the same problem with Piper. And yes, she got an old keyboard, but i have to warn you, he'll get smarter and realize it's a fake. Just a warning. He is adorable! carolee

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah! He isn't impressed with his new keyboard anymore! Unless someone else is "typing" on it, he couldn't care less.

OMG, Carolee...I just realized who you are! Are you loving Serbia? Prayers for you all!!