Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just got back...

Just got back from the doctor. You guessed it, Ralph's sick. He has been super picky about food for the past week. He really only wants milk or juice. He started "squeaking" a couple of days ago so we dug out the nebulizer again and started up with Pulmocort and Albuterol. Last night he started coughing a lot.

The strange thing is that his sats have been great! I did bump him up to 1/4 liter of oxygen because he sounds so rattle-y, but he's been pulling 97-98% at night. That is, until he rips the cannula off and drops into the 80's. I'm feeling guilty because lately I've been sleeping through the alarm! I'm generally a very light sleeper.

I honestly never know when we leave the house headed for the doctor's office if we'll be coming home in an hour or so, or whether we'll be headed up to the hospital! I try to be pretty aggressive with the breathing treatments and snot-sucking at home before we even see the doc. Once they get you in the's very difficult to get out! If you've ever considered signing your child out AMA, just know that they will sic the authorities on you!

I'm thankful that today was different. We suspect that Ralph has a sinus infection. He is wheezing so much that the doc couldn't have heard any lung crackles if there were even any. He'll be on oral steroids for a couple of days. If he's not better by Friday, we may start an anti-biotic. We left the office with some new goodies...two new super-sized snot suckers and a new neb mask.



Christine said...

Hope your little guy feels better soon. What is AMA?

Anonymous said...

I hope he is better soon, too. (AMA is against medical advice.) (not going there.)

Not trying to be an expert here, but just explain that if his problems are in the bronchii and above - he could still be getting good sats. The good part of that is that it implies no pneumonia (in the lungs).

Praying for some pulmonary healing and relief for you both. Barbara

Stephanie said...

Oh, sorry! AMA means against medical advice. I was once considering this because I thought the pediatrician was being unreasonable about some blood tests that were a bit off, but trending in the right direction. But, I'd rather be stuck in the hospital any day than deal with child protective services!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Barbara! That makes a lot of sense...don't want to deal with pneumonia here!