Monday, February 2, 2009

We have...

We have croup! Ughh.

Tonight I heard a little bark coming from Ralphie's room. James and I looked at each other and I said, "Did you hear that?" He has never sounded like that before.

When Ralph spent time in the hospital at Thanksgiving time, his cultures showed that he had a croup virus. He was never barking, though. And, he seemed to be feeling fine today. Weird.

On second thought, his appetite has been low. And I noticed teeny tiny white spots on his tongue today. I looked it up online and didn't find anything alarming, so I didn't call the doc or anything.

We had PT scheduled for tomorrow morning. I guess we will cancel. My goal for the week was to get Ralph into some SureSteps. Maybe next week!

God willing, this will not turn into anything serious. I'll be up again at 4am-ish for more breathing treatments.


Leslie said...

I'm so sorry! I'll be praying!

Anonymous said...

Ralphie-get-better-prayers today! Barbara

Anonymous said...

Cameron use to get that cough, (the dog barking cough) I know Ralph's health is different, but with Cameron it was just congestion, and in a couple of days it was gone, usually just a virus, It always came on fast, but also went away quick. The white spots on his tongue? Maybe Thrush? It happens sometimes, I know you have had lots of experience, but with me and my five, I still come across new "stuff" every year.
I am sure he will be great in a couple of days, if its thrush and he can eat it, give him yogurt.
Have a good one, I think you should write a book! You have a great writing ability,
Have a good one.