Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cardiologist on Friday!

Ralph has been sick since Thursday night. Probably Rotavirus, grrrrr! His cardiologist appointment has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Mar. 3.

This is my 199th post here. I hope to have a special surprise for my 200th post, so stay tuned, OK?

Ralph sees the cardiologist on Friday. He hasn't been seen for three months! I feel really good about him right now. Tuesday morning his O2 alarm started going off intermittently and I couldn't figure out why. Every time I looked he was in the high 90's. Finally I noticed that his reading was flirting with 100% and the alarm was set to go off at 100%.

This morning Ralph was sitting up in his crib when I woke. The sat monitor doesn't generally work well when he is awake, but he was sitting very still and I could tell by the waveform that I was getting a good reading. He was at 96% AND he was not wearing his cannula.

I felt comfortable enough to take Ralph to church this morning without his oxygen tank. He pulls the oxygen off enough at home, that it is hit-or-miss on the best of days anyway. I quilted for awhile with my friends while he played unencumbered in the nursery. When we came home the cannula went back on, no problem! He didn't mind a bit.

So, about the cardiologist...would you pray? First, that we might see at least some small improvement in his pulmonary pressures. Secondly, that he will tolerate the testing. I truthfully don't know what it will take to get a good EKG reading...he is so active and grabby. All those wires are irresistible to an almost-two year old. And, sometimes he is well-behaved for his echo cardiogram and sometimes he is not.

Also, I know you know that I love our cardiologist-nurse practitioner team, but it may be time for Ralph to start seeing a pulmonologist. If this is the case, I need it be crystal clear to me.

I'm so in love with Ralph these days! He is really changing, growing up, losing that baby look. I'll try to get some pictures up soon. Then you'll see.


Lou said...

Prayers for Ralph and for Mama too! Those are some great sats! Good luck with your cardiology appointment, hope it's good news and improving pressures.

Anonymous said...

Ralph and you are on the prayer list - now specifically, as requested.

Sounds like good news in terms of his daily function with and without O support.

I really like the new look of your blog. I know that was bothering you. Looks like your computer status has stabilized, too.

Thanks for your supportive comments at my blog. Means a lot to me. Barbara

Leslie said...

Praying for a good appointment - and wisdom for making decisions. Those sat numbers are great!!!

Hugs to you!

Christine said...

I am so glad you hare in love with your son. It is a wonderful feeling! Hope Ralph feels better!