Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, this is 200th post! I should be giving something away, don't you think? LOL

Good news from the cardiologist. Ralphie's pulmonary pressures are down, but only a bit. The good thing is that his systemic pressures are up. This means that his body is able to push blood through his lungs without taxing his heart. So things are looking up on the pressures scene!

More good news is that the doctor thinks that it is time for Ralph to try going without oxygen. I agree. The doctor said either we discontinue the O2 and check him in a month OR you can come back in six months! No way are we waiting six months!

Ralphie was on a very low flow anyway and he takes it off many, MANY times each day. Sometimes I would let him go without it for a half hour here and there anyway. I was a little nervous about no oxygen at night, but I monitored him last night and he did great...really great!

So, do I continue to monitor Ralphie at night? What if he gets sick? I still feel like I need to watch his O2 levels closely. He goes back to the cardiologist in mid-April to check his pressures again. Could we really be nearing the end of tanks and regulators and cannulas and tubing, oh my?!?!

OK, here is my (sort of) surprise...

Surprise! Ralph wants to walk!

Finally! He can actually make it across the room if he is not thinking too much! He is getting up and taking the steps on his's his idea now, not just mom making him take steps. He seems to enjoy taking about four steps and then belly-flopping.

I can't wait to buy Ralphie some nice new shoes and take walks outside or at the zoo this summer. He adores animals so a zoo pass is going to make the perfect 2nd birthday present!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the zoo! Perfect place to practice walking, eh?

Looks like he does better without the footie-pjs, eh?

His drive to walk is evident! A VERY important cognitive leap - every movement begins with a thought. Barbara

Stephanie said...

You are right about the PJ's! It's been so cold here, they are the only way to keep socks on his feet, if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, the YouTube on the blog says this video is no longer available but it was just posted today. There must be gremlins messing with your YouTube video. Bet that Ralph is going to be hard to catch once he gets really going. Sure hope Mom has lots of energy--she may need lots of it to keep up with him!

Barbara therextras said...

Forgot to congratulation you on number 200!

And, I see Ralphie clearly with the YouTube logo in the video screen right now.

MaybeMama said...

Well I think this good news is much better than a giveaway for your 200 post. How wonderful!

Leslie said...

Great job! He is such a cutie!

kim said...

congrats on the walking, the O2, and the blog milestone!