Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My green-eyed boy.

The tooth fairy visited our house last night! Actually, she was supposed to come the night before, but got lost or something. You know how forgetful the fairy can be!

Jordan was up bright and early this morning to show me his dollar bill!! He is quite possibly the sweetest kid EVER. He is a snugly, green-eyed momma's boy, if there ever was one!

I was very surprised to find his dollar bill laying on the kitchen counter while I was finishing up making the pancakes. How careless! I asked everyone, "Whose dollar is this?!?!"

Jordan just looked at me and batted his long luscious eyelashes. "It's mine," he said.

"Well, you'd better be more careful with it," I said. "You know if I find money laying around that I stick it in my jar." (The adoption jar!)

"I WAS going to put it in the jar," he said.

Yep, the sweetest kid ever.


Anonymous said...

Awww! Guessing Jordan is not a brother again yet.
Be back tomorrow.