Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Wesley - Rexpennae

This is Robert Wesley Austin Nance, known to his family and friends as simply Wesley. He is the oldest of the (soon to be) nine Nance children.

Wesley is a prolific aspiring writer and future filmmaker. I'm so proud of him, mainly because he is growing up to be a caring, conscientious person. He cared for Ralph every morning last year so that I could continue to teach. They have developed quite a bond! Priceless.
Wesley would like to invite you to read his blog, Rexpennae, which means "king of the pen" in Latin. I believe that he is working on developing some new characters for one of the several books he is working on. His writings are dark and strange, on the fantastical side of reality. He was fortunate to meet several popular Christian Fantasy writers at last year's Colorado Christian Writer's Conference. They have encouraged him to keep writing and writing and writing!


Anonymous said...

Very nice to meet you, Wesley. Accolades from your mother puts you in my good book, too.

I'm willing to bet both my teens will like your prose. I'll see what I can do to get them to read - so far, blogging is something their Mom does. lol.

Besides, Younger Teen leads an ascetic-computer life, until ALL her grades are above the parent-set minumum. Ahem.

So for now, I am officially a fan of Momma Nance, and the oldest and youngest sons-Nance - until I meet the others, eh? Barbara