Saturday, February 14, 2009

Planning a trip to Holland

For most of us parents of children with Down Syndrome, our trip to Holland was a surprise. Our trip was chosen for us. Some of us went willingly, joyfully, some of us kicking and screaming! But Holland chose us, we didn't choose Holland. (If you don't know about Holland, you should read Emily Perl Kingsley's "Welcome to Holland.")

Every now and again you might meet that rare individual who is choosing to take the trip. Some people who have never been there are baffled. Why would anyone choose this life? Others who have been there, like me for instance, are tickled that someone outside the club actually 'gets' it!

I know of many parents of children with DS and other disabilities who go on to adopt children with DS and other disabilities. But there are those rare parents...ones that have no children with special needs, but go on to adopt and commit their lives to disabled children anyway. Shelly and her husband are great examples. They have made two trips to Eastern Europe to bring home children with DS!

I've met a local family recently who is actually in the process of planning a trip to our figurative Holland! They have two young typical children already and now are preparing to adopt two children with DS. They 'get' it. They understand that adoption is a reflection of God's love for us. They understand what Christ said about 'the least of these.' They see beauty and worth in a child that the world considers defective. I'll be supporting them as I'm able. They are trusting the Lord to provide for this journey, so if you feel led to help out too...let me know and I'll put you in touch.


Shelley said...

Thank you for the compliment :)
It's one of the greatest decisions we ever made (twice!).

Karis said...

Thank you so much for your support Stephanie! It's such a blessing to know that I too have a friend near by who "gets it". :-)