Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Got snuggle-puss?

Speaking of some of the unique characteristics of babies with Down Syndrome reminded me of a great article written by Kimberlee Kadar-Kallen.

Here are a few snips:

Hypotonia - Sometimes referred to as poor muscle tone, what this really means is that all of Baby is super soft and cuddly. Synonyms for this condition are smoosh-ball, teddy-bear, snuggle-puss, honey-love, and so forth. Squeezing and hugging Baby is a frequent and irresistible temptation.

Congenital heart defect - This is really one of several code phrases for an intensive training course in learning the true meaning of Jesus, I trust in you. This training involves great spiritual growth and opportunity for deepening and greatly magnifying one's prayer life. There may even be a special retreat involved where one can really progress in prayer. The special code term 'open-heart surgery' is often used for this unique retreat that takes place in a hospital.

Go read the whole thing! I love the way she takes many "normally-negative" characteristics and shows them in a positive light. It's not spin. It's perspective. It's a privilege to be graced with a child with Down Syndrome.

Got snuggle-puss? I do. :)


Regina said...

Love it! Great article!

Anna said...

woke up to it first thing this morning and wrote it on my list as my first thing to be thankful for.... What a beautiful way to start the day.