Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet 16

Chipper, not his real name, turns 16 years old today. Of course he's sweet, but he also got to scrape out the frosting bowl!

He asked for an ice cream cake this year. Not my best decorating effort, but still, it's butter and sugar so who cares?

Theo tore into his cake. He can't just sit and wait for a bite. He meets you halfway or more if you are too slow.

Grandma C came over and a few cousins, too.

I did learn one thing yesterday, don't try to make the whole ice cream cake in one day. It needed more freezer time. Overnight would have been ideal.

More miscellaneous photos from yesterday. Rose. She takes a nice picture, huh?

Ruby in her typical pose, fingers in mouth and belly button.

Zhen actually keeping his glasses on! I've not been forcing the issue with the glasses, but I need to. The eye that had the cataract is still not developing correctly.


Vonda said...

Steph, your cake looked yummy! Can you share the recipe? Andy would love that for his birthday. And Zhen looks so cute in his glasses (and lunch)!