Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big day tomorrow

Life has been proceeding at warp speed around this house. Therapies, homeschooling, muddy puppies, laundry, dishes, doctor appointments, gotta get home (or out of bed) before the bus gets here!

Now Christmas is almost here, but no time to think about that. Ralph has a cardiology appointment in the morning. Somehow I will get the children fully dressed off to school by 8:30am so that I can get Ralph fully dressed and off to the doc by 9.

My little love went cold turkey a few months ago and quit his pulmonary hypertension meds. (I just realized that I'm having trouble blogging these days because I quit staying up for his midnight dose.) We did this last year and it didn't work so well. He ended up going back on the medication and my hopes that he would outgrow his condition were dashed.

Tomorrow we will find out if Ralph has kicked PH butt or if he'll be back on medication again. It's a big day.