Friday, December 16, 2011

Yep, it was a big day.

Guess who came home today?

And guess who was happy to see him?

That's right, Richy is home for Christmas. We've not seen him since May.

And I'm also happy to say that Ralph had a great report today from the cardiologist.

Ralph's pulmonary pressures are near normal after 2 months of being off his medication. YES!! I couldn't have asked for better news at Christmas time.


Jill said...

GREAT NEWS! Yay God! So happy for you that your son is home too. :-)

Jolene said...

So happy for your good news! Isn't God good?!

And, Merry Christmas, my friend! I hope you enjoy the holidays in a big way with your loved ones near you!


Barbara @ TherExtras said...

So happy for you all - on both counts! Blessed Merry Christmas!