Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I was a genius.

The boys are doing great! After all three had their tonsils and adenoids removed on the same day last week, the first night was dicey, but after that it was a piece of cake.

We had two rooms with "name alert" stickers on the sign. Don't want to mix those boys up!

Thank goodness Chip came to help me! He took care of Theo the entire time since I was busy next door with Ralph and Zhen. Theo would NOT keep his gown on. We switched to jammies after this because you know the place was chilly! Doesn't Theo look big?

Ralph was ready to play after sleeping for a few hours. He charmed all the nurses.

Zhen was the BIGGEST whiner after the surgery. He just whined with every breath for the entire first night. He may have been hurting a bit more than the other two...tell you why tomorrow.

Looking good and feeling fine today!


Jill said...

I was just thinking of you last night and wondered if you were a "genius" or "crazy"! LOL Glad to hear it worked out so well and they are recovering well. I'll be interested to hear how their sleep has improved after surgery. I just had a conversation with E's ENT doc tonight that he hasn't had much success treating sleep apnea with removing tonsils...would love to hear your experience.

Jolene said...

Way to go, Mom! I'm so glad it turned out that you were a GENIUS! LOL!