Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oops! Umm...Happy New Year!

Oops! Happy New Year!!!

I just realized that I totally missed Christmas! haha!

Let's just say that blogging is taking a back seat around here lately. I have lots to share...funny stories, kid craziness, my off-the-wall plans and schemes. I've just been trying to BE with my family as much as a write about them. I was a mom long before I ever owned a computer.

With that said, here are some photos from our Christmas. Hope you enjoy!

I was dreaming of a muddy Christmas. How do you like this Christmas scene?
Richy was home, so plenty of Guitar Hero battles took place.

Grandma Linda came to see us. Ruby was in beauty shop heaven!

The girls dressed up for Christmas Eve but I couldn't get a nice smile out of Rose, until...
...she covered up Ruby's face.
These boys provided quality control for Santa cookies. The cookies were approved, I'm happy to say.

Some sort of record was set as mom and dad were in bed before 1am. Even after a battery run. I guess we will never learn.
Here is the whole crew, minus Wesley who came for New Year's. They are all waiting for the action to start after we got all the little ones to the potty.
No trouble getting smiles on Christmas morning!
The BEST gift, hands down, that was received this year. Zhen has an obsession with vacuum cleaners and this little beauty was just the ticket for him.
Theo enjoying the good vibrations.
Ralph liked it too!
My little drummer boy! This conga drum sounded awesome.
Jordan and his new puppy, Rufus.

Thomas never disappoints with his duct tape creations. He made Chipper his first Superbowl trophy. Oh man did we laugh!!
Leroy got a duct tape sword that say "I AM THAT IS." He loved it! Brownie points if you can guess where this saying comes from!
My little dolly with her new cabbage patch dolly.
Theo working hard on unwrapping.
I think it's love.
Yep. Delicious!
Rose and her unicorn, Cornelia.
I got a nifty new, heavy duty colander. You know what those are good for, right?
What do you think of this ribeye? A great friend gave us this tasty hunk of meat. We cut it up and put it on the grill. Mmmmmm.

January is shaping up to be a stress filled month for me. Four surgeries, two IEP's, scads of doc appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and event preparations. If you think of me this month, will you shoot a quick prayer up for me? Thanks!


Regina said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas! "I am that is" is from Redwall! My oldest loved that show!

Jolene said...

Great looking kids, great looking Christmas, and praying for you to go through it all with God's grace!