Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bumper bowling with "Friends!"

Thanks to Theo's awesome grade school Circle of Friends, my littles got to go bowling last Friday morning. Theo, Zhen, Ralph, Ruby and Jordan all got to bowl and enjoy a pizza lunch, each with a young adult helper.

Zhen was more than a little overwhelmed and overstimulated in this noisey place. His poor helper had her hands full! Theo was a rock star as usual. Ruby had a giggly time and Jordan was happy to have the morning off of school yet again.

But Ralph. Ralph OWNED the place!

Can you see the swagger in his step? Yeah!
WOW! I love the ball return too. Amazing!
Ready to go again!
Thank you, Circle of Friends!! If you have a chapter of Circle of Friends at your school, won't you lend them your support? This program is a winner for everyone.