Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miracles Part 1

I've seen more miracles in the past five years than I can count. And each time I'm amazed. Why am I amazed? I should be expecting them, right?

You may not understand these, unless you have a child with learning delays. I wouldn't have understood before Ralph. Let me just tell you these are big. BIG.

Last week I was attending an activity at church with all the children. We were eating a meal and Ralph was unusually restless. He just couldn't or wouldn't sit in his chair. He's normally such a good boy and he listens to me, so I couldn't understand why he wouldn't sit still.

And then it happened.

Ralph stood up and with both of his hands he pointed to his behind. Ever so softly he said, "poo."

I snapped to attention and quickly peeked down the back of his pants, fearing the worst, but there was nothing in there. I snagged his hand and we ran to the nursery where they have toddler sized toilets (so cute!).

He told me. He made it in time.

I think I cried happy tears.

Ralph is becoming increasingly verbal. In some cases he is refusing to sign, preferring to talk. If only I could understand him 100% of the time! He is always willing to work hard on his speech skills, so it's just a matter of time now. My prayers for him and his ability to communicate are being slowly answered.

I consider this a miracle.


Carissa said...

GO RALPH!!! :)

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Literally, right?! LOL

Anna said...

HUGE smile!!!

Jolene said...

And it IS a miracle! Congratulations, Mom!