Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4 - Rockin'

Theo ROCKS!!

And like many (most?) post-institutional children, he actually rocks.

It's a behavior that we generally discourage, but it's so DEEPLY rooted that I would have to be next to him every minute of the day to catch him every time. But I don't always want to make him stop. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I understand that he NEEDS to rock. It feeds something in his soul.

Poor kids. Babies are MADE to be rocked and cuddled. Mommies are MADE to rock and cuddle babies. This is what you get when you interrupt the natural order.

This morning Theo was in a rockin' mood. I was busy and couldn't redirect him, but I didn't want him to rock like a zombie either. This time I put some Switchfoot on my phone, locked the screen, and gave it to him. It's socially acceptable to rock to music, right? He loved it! And I'd have video of it, except he was holding my phone!

Do you think I can teach him to only rock to music?