Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6 - Remembering

Today our family is gathered to remember a special woman. 

My gram.

She was not just my gram. She had seven other grandchildren, and they weren't always very happy with me when I said, "my gram." But from my earliest memories, she was mine. Mom and I lived with gram and gramp for most of my growing up years. She made me bacon and toast and dunkin' eggs for breakfast. She gave me my first coffee, with lots of milk and sugar, while grampa complained that it would stunt my growth. 

Gram worked her tail off, from a very young age. She lied about her age to get a job making ammunition boxes during WWII. She started and ran at least five restaurants. She took care of people, lonely customers, hobos, employees, her family and more. 

I'm sorry that I can't call her up in the middle of the day anymore. I could always count on her to help me figure out what to make for supper, or how to work with a certain cut of meat that I found on sale. Sometimes I'd call just to chat about nothing. 

I think I'll miss that the most.


thy and lin said...

sigh, i feel for you. i love my gram as well. <3 hugs