Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Potholes and Pink Boots

It took the better part of two days to apply for Maxim's passport. The third day, Friday, we finally took him for his photograph! 

The passport office that takes the photos is in Dnepropetrovsk, the capital city of this region. The passport process here is just nuts, but it gave me the opportunity to spend some time in the car with Max. Two hours going...and two hours coming back.

I was worried that he might be fearful, but in the car he was fine. Better than fine...he enjoyed every pothole immensely. And we are talking about a lot of potholes! Portions of the highway appear to have been carpet bombed. It is disconcerting to see huge trucks weaving and lurching around on the road trying to avoid the ruts and holes. But, everytime we hit a bump, Max let out a giggle.

When the passport lady told me that his document would be ready next Friday, I think I turned white. I wish I could have cried but it just wasn't in me. I did beg, however, and they promised to do their bet to get it done by Wednesday.

I'm several days behind here, but Wednesday is tomorrow! I was told yesterday to expect to have it!!

In about one hour, I will be picking my sweet son up from possibly the only home he can remember. I'm all packed and ready to get on the train tonight. I'm a little nervous about feeding him, and nervous about whether he will feel safe enough to sleep on the train. But, I have a Ukrainian friend traveling along with me, so I will have someone to talk to him in his native language if he is frightened or upset.

You gotta love the pink boots, right? I brought clothes with me that day, but he was already dressed when I arrived. 

Ukrainians love to put boys in pink. Some people say it is because they just don't care and grab the closest thing at the orphanage, but I don't know.