Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chimp house

Max had his first feeding therapy session on Monday. He was evaluated several months ago, but it takes time to get a slot on the schedule.

When he first came home, he would only accept blended food. Textures were very scary! I'm proud to say that I haven't blended any food for about four weeks now. He is eating a mostly regular diet, just chopped really small or soaked in broth, juice or milk.

So, the Max's first therapy session went really great. He's made a lot of progress since his evaluation and is ready to learn even more. Next step, chewing!

Drinking is still a struggle. Thankfully, Max is doing better with a cup. This is a sippy cup with the stopper pulled out. The liquid runs out because he has no idea how to suck. So sad, but way better than drinking from a spoon like he used to do...and like the kids in his old grouppa still do. I have to laugh when I remember giving him juice from a spoon on our long haul flight home from Ukraine. We do what we must, right?

In other news, our school books have started to arrive...which is why my living room looks like a chimpanzee house, if you've ever witnessed one after the apes are given boxes or paper to play with! It is great sensory fun to play with the gobs of brown paper stuffing that we find in the boxes of books. This is the aftermath.

I worked on some school enrollment forms today. I scratch my head sometimes. Due to paper costs, I was asked to sign a release saying I would accept an online school district handbook instead of a printed one. However, they kindly included a printed handbook in both of my packets! Also, there was eight (8!?) medication release forms in each packet. I didn't need any of those 16 pieces of paper. So much for paperwork reduction.

We are in for a fun year. Some of my kids start school on August 13. Some start on August 28. Two different district schedules are bound to drive me insane. If I worked outside the home, it would be disastrous. God willing, we will find a place for all of our children in our home school district one of these days.