Thursday, August 1, 2013

Max has started weekly physical therapy. He is a high anxiety look at a swing is enough to send him into a panic. Imagine my surprise when he emerged from the PT room riding a trike! First, how on earth did they get him on it? And second, oh my wow! He is actually pedaling! The boy has some surprising skills.

We had quite a cool and comfortable July. Unfortunately, the week that we loaned our van was the week of the nicest weather, so we didn't get to go anywhere. But, as soon as the van came home we hit the zoo. Ruby got up close and personal with the tiger.

I still can't believe our momma kitty only had one kitten. He likes to curl up and snooze in tiny baskets, and boxes. Ralph loves him...a little too much. He has scratches all over his legs and hands to prove it.

Poor Jordan. He was going to get his long cast off and a new short cast put on the other day. But it seems that his bones are not healing as fast as we would have expected or hoped. He gets to keep the long cast for another three weeks. So disappointing. At least he broke it on the last day of camp back in June, so he got to do one fun thing this summer.

School started today for Rose and Jordan. It was an easy day of looking though materials. Tomorrow they start real assignments. I have low expectations while everyone else is still home for the summer, but we are going to at least try to get a head start on the year.