Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Urgent request!

I have most of my kids back in school now and lots of things to share. Really important things. But today, I want to take the time to tell you about my friend Carissa. It's urgent!

Carissa reached out to me more than three years ago. We were both in some of the same online orphan care groups and lived in the same city. I was cautious at first. You never know what sort of creep you might have become friends with over the internet, right?

Well, Carissa did not turn out to be a creep at all! In fact, she was a huge help to my husband in 2010 while I was in Ukraine adopting Theo and Zhen. Her girls became friends with my kids. They came to the Buddy Walks with us until they moved to Texas last year.

Dear Carissa took photos at the airport when I arrived home with Zhen and Theo.  Though we were friends before, I let her into my heart that day. I had shared photos of both the boys on our adoption blog and on Facebook. However, online photos could not adequately convey Theo's poor physical condition. I had been with him daily for 5 weeks at that time, so I was desensitized to his skeletal appearance. But tenderhearted Carissa was completely overcome with emotion upon meeting my new 13 pound 4 year old son. I remember her sweet young daughters sobbing, too.

I knew that Carissa's family would one day adopt. She has a great deal of love and compassion for children with special needs. I'm so happy to say that day has come! They leave next week to meet their new child!

Unfortunately, due to some crazy adoption world people, Carissa has not been able to share much about this adoption. She has not had the opportunity to do fundraisers, opting instead to help other families in need. It shows a lot of character to assist others when you are in need yourself. I'm so proud to know her.

Carissa's family needs around $8,000 more to complete this adoption. They leave next week, almost three years to the day after we arrived home with Theo and Zhen. You can learn more about the Lanning family at the Grace Haven website HERE. You can also make a gift to their adoption fund there. This sweet family is also at the very top of the Urgent Needs at Project Hopeful.

It just breaks my heart that Carissa has not been able to share her joy and anticipation. I know how intimidating and impossible it can be to come up with the necessary funds. There is a child that is counting on us to help. Any amount is helpful at this point. Thank you for giving, praying and sharing this with others. I would like to send Carissa off to Ukraine knowing that she has our support and prayers all the way home.


desireegrose said...

Hi-- I would love to help this family with a Fundraiser! I have recently done one for another adoption family Holmes! It was a great success! Please email me if I can help!