Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mistakes (discoveries!) in the kitchen

Rose is so fun! I waited SO LONG for a girl...after five boys I finally gave up and said, "OK, Lord. Girl or boy, I don't care anymore!" Along came Rose. 

My boys like to cook and learn how to make family recipes, but it's different with a girl, somehow.

I have instructed Rose on the procedure to make toasted butter frosting for cakes. It's our absolute favorite frosting around here! After several sessions of watching me make it over the past six months or so, I required her to do it on her own this week.

She was doing great!  She brought the butter to the perfect color point...and then turned off the heat...but...

     ...she didn't take the pan off the burner. The butter turned black-ish in short order. She cried. I calmly sniffed the pan and it didn't smell terrible so we went ahead and finished it together. Once the sugar and vanilla were added, I sniffed it again.

It smelled just like a blackened marshmallow.

Now you tell me, who doesn't love a fresh, crispy black toasted marshmallow? Someone with no soul, that's who!

I love having a daughter. I love making mistakes together and discovering new toasty blackened marshmallow frosting!

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