Thursday, December 12, 2013

Days of December

The days are flying by, oh, so fast. Concerts, programs, luncheons, parties! It's getting absurd. Would you believe we do not have a tree up? Our house is the saddest, most neglected (decoratively!) on the street. No matter.

Ms. rose had a concert at the grade school last week. It was fun to be able to play for the other children who wouldn't normally attend an evening concert.

 Ruby had her first dance recital. She didn't cry or get scared in front of the huge crowd. 
From the gathering area, Ruby and her friends spotted Santa upstairs! Look at those faces!

Ralph and Ruby sang in church last week. Some of you will totally get it when I say how extremely relieved I was that Ralph did not attempt to play the drum set or any of the guitars that were waiting for the worship band. Phew!

We had a great time Sunday afternoon making these cookies! Marshmallows covered in royal using are  so very sweet and so yummy!

Can you believe that it's been a whole year since I met Max?

I totally missed this anniversary!

My, how we love this little one!

He is a total goofball!

Max loves to hang out on the back of the loveseat where he can see out the window. This is his perch. It's his favorite spot! He waits here for the school bus everyday...even on the weekend.