Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Funnies

Getting 10 kids, plus mom and dad, ready and off to church on time is a tall order. Sometimes we make it on time, and sometimes we make it on time with everyone appropriately dressed, but we normally make it right on time. Every single week is a circus.

We always sit in the same spot, a carefully chosen back pew, mere steps from the exit if some emergency were to arise. My goal for the little boys is to learn to sit quietly for a period of time and they are getting pretty good. When we stand they stand. When we sit, they sit. No toys. No coloring pages. It's just easier without distractions. And I don't end up crawling under the pew in front of us to retrieve dropped crayons!

Today Max swiftly and deftly snatched the purse if the lady in front of us! Before I knew it, he had a purse in his chubby little hands! 

After a wonderful service, with amazing Christmas music from our choir and orchestra, we took the kids to Sunday school. Zhen has a new Sunday school helper! I could just sing! Zhen needs a firm hand to help him in Sunday school...his behavior is challenging. I've been with him every week since I can't remember when. Today, Zhen's helper said that he was comfortable enough for me to leave. I might have sprinted out of the room! I actually went to my own Sunday school class with my own husband and I think they remembered me.

The most challenging part of the morning is walking down the halls with our crew in tow. After Sunday school lets out, I'm generally loaded down with coloring pages, take home pages and stuff. It's pretty dangerous for me to not have free hands. It was bound to happen, but today Theo finally grabbed someone's behind. I wasn't fast enough to catch him.

That wasn't enough embarrassing enough. Nope. Ralph, who swaggers and draws attention wherever he goes had a treat for everyone in the lobby. He was wearing his special Christmassy cowboy shirt, with the fun pearly snaps. In the middle of the lobby, my boy decided to rip those snaps open in true flasher style. I had papers in one hand and Theo's hand in the other. Dad was pretty far ahead of us and didn't know what was happening. I was helpless as my little sweetie strutted through the lobby holding his shirt all the way open. 

Dad must have been feeling the Spirit today. After church he said, "lets do something adventurous." You guessed it, we took all the kids into the grocery store with us to pick out lunch meat and chips for lunch. Yup, that is his idea of adventure! 

Are your Sundays ever crazy, too?