Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ripping seams

There is a very special boy who has just been adopted from Ukraine and is coming home to the USA today. He was once Theo's roommate and was the last orphan to get out of Crimea. His passport didn't make it out though, so that caused a big delay.

I'm working on a comfy, raggy quilt for him. I just put the last piece together and spread it out to take a look. Oops. It's all wrong. If I had looked more closely at this photo I took yesterday when I was getting started I would have seen it. The strip on the left is upside down. 

Out comes the seam ripper. It's got to be right. After years of ripped and patched sheets, communal clothing and no one to give a hoot, he's getting a well done blanket. It's not nearly perfect, my old sewing maching is giving me fits, but it's got to be my best. 

What does your Sunday afternoon look like?


Sarah said...

Love the blanket, love that handsome dude, love you, and love your heart!

Melissa said...

For a boy who is said to weigh just 20 lbs at 6 years old, I'd say that is just about perfect, if it were me I'd probably be crocheting my fingers off.

Jill said...

It's beautiful! I'm sure he and his mama will both love it! :-)

My Sunday afternoon consisted of a nap while the boys were watching BB. (I could care less.)