Sunday, July 6, 2014

Adventures with clearance rack peppers.

I love shopping sales, couponing (don't forget to join my Ibotta team here:  and clearance racks. The other day I found this lovely bag of peppers for just $0.99. We used a few for salads and burritos but there was no way we could eat them all. I sat and looked at them for awhile...pondering what to make.

Oven roasting them was a possibity. I looked up the instructions and wasn't feelin' it.

Then is hit me. Jelly. Yessss...warm, spicy pepper jelly would be FUN!!

I cleaned up the peppers, seeding most of them. Some seeds were left in the mix for a little extra warmth. All the little beauties went into the blender with a cup of apple cider vinegar. I used a half cup of leftover lime juice that I used for Independence Day limades and a half cup of lemon juice. Six cups of sugar and three packages of pectin round out the ingredients. 

So easy! Except that I was multitasking when the mixture started to boil...and yep, my syrup boiled over bigtime. The whole house smelled like peppers and burnt sugar! The inside of my nose felt a little offended. Not hurt, or burnt, but as if I wasn't really supposed to be breathing those kind of fumes.

Even though I made a huge mess, and stayed up way too late, the end result was super tasty...and beautiful! Perfect on buttered toast, cream cheese and crackers, or even just used for dipping pretzels! I'll be scouting that produce clearance rack for more peppers. Maybe I can make enough for Christmas presents!


Melissa said...

That looks yummy. The gluten free thing really gets me sometimes. Oh well, maybe I'll try it on some GF English muffin bread:)Thanks for the great idea.

Jill said...

Good for you! I can't say as it would go over well here, but glad your clan will eat it. :-)

FYI - if you're not familiar with it, Pomona pectin can be used with any type of sweetener (honey, xylitol, etc) for jams/jellies. Azure carries it - little blue box. Just mentioning as I think I remember you were trying to decrease sugar consumption for your family. If not, disregard! :-)

Enjoy your jelly!