Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fix your glasses. Fix your glasses. Fix...

So this is one of the things that is driving me batty these days. The Miraflex frames were a lifesaver for us, but they are just not doing the job for Zhen anymore.

Here is what I see 90% of the time when I look at Zhen.

This is what I say a b-jillion times each day.

What other types of indestructible frames are available? The strap is a must. The flexibility is a plus. These frames are in pretty good shape considering the abuse they have taken. Who has ideas for me?


Melissa said...

We filled our prescriptions at Costco this time. The super flexible frame that was $400 out of pocket at the doctors office was $89 at Costco. I forget what they are called, they don't bend like this on his face but you can actually bend the earpieces backwards and they won't break. Hope that helps.

Karien Prinlsoo said...

We have Centro style--recomended by Leah Lundgren Spring-the ones Asher has. We are very hay with them--they have one's that come with a strap

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he has the correct prescription? Maybe he can see better without them. Maybe that is why he wearst them like that. Trust me, its an adventure with Harley's glasses. He wears them ok but if he ever gets upset about something he throws them off in a very dramatic way! Currently he is not wearing his glasses because he came home from camp and one of the lenses were missing.. alway something.. cute pictures

Debbie Marks