Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Night Out

Can you tell he is HOT!

So tonight was our local Night Out event. This always sort of puzzles me. It is a crime awareness event, yet people are asked to leave their homes and meet at the city hall or wherever. All the cops were there along with the firefighters and EMS guys. Perfect time to break into houses if you ask me.

But, I digress.

We went to the city hall because of the moonwalk and the free hot dogs. My grocery budget has exploded over the summer so heck yeah I was gonna score a free meal for the children!

I made sure that all the windows and doors were locked before we left the house. Then we made the short drive over to city hall on this steamy hot evening. Really. Hot. Breathing through a dishrag humid. I felt like sort of a low life because of my mooching attitude, but guess what? We had some fun!

The moonwalk was a barrel shaped thing with monkeys painted on it. Cute! The firemen showed all the kids around their latest fancy firetruck. Thomas really wanted to look in the ambulance, but the EMS guys were standing over by the BBQ grill chatting.

I told him to go and ask them if they were paramedics and then tell them that he would really like to see the inside of that ambulance. Easy, right? He wanted me to go with him. *sigh* I did. But I didn't say much. In fact, I had to go chase Ralph, or something, and ended up walking away from him. Next thing I know Thomas is following them over to the ambulance.

They open it ALL up and the kids go through. They even got to sit up front and play with the siren. Even Rose! They each got to pick out a stuffed animal to keep. By the time we were done there every kid in the place had descended on the ambulance, too!

After that they had a door prize drawing. (Of course, it was a little late starting because they had to wait for all the kids to get done playing with the ambulance.) Between us all we won a camping chair, three restaurant gift certificates and a $100 Target gift card! The kids picked up some beachballs, frisbees, and some flashing do-dads as well.

What a fun evening!

This gurney is rated to 700 lbs and has a hydraulic lift. Here the kids are playing with it...up and down!

This is probably the ambulance Ralph and I rode in on the night he was born!

Rose in the moonwalk. She can jump ALL DAY long!

Ralph and Thomas in the moonwalk. Umm, Ralph's walking now, but not quite ready for this.


Anonymous said...

That was SOME HAUL! Good for you! Your reasons are exactly why we have enjoyed some events. But I agree - why gather away from homes? Here, we are supposed to organize block parties to get to know each other. We've had a few - HOT is the reason this event doesn't get much action here.