Friday, August 7, 2009


We have not gone out to eat in. for. ever.

Today we had a little mini-celebration at Talliano's Pizza. My kids all accomplished the goal that they set for our very own Summer reading program! The pizza dinner was the grand prize. 

Thomas read over 2500 pages this summer. Jordan read 300 pages and Rose read 50. Leroy read 25 with some help from the other kids. The rules were that when you read to a little kid the pages count for both of you. What could be sweeter than having your big brother read to you?

Tomorrow we will be cleaning out the garage and laundry room closet. This has to get done because there is a mouse problem in the neighborhood. I was sitting on the front porch the other day when a little gray-blue mouse popped out of a hole next to the steps! Bold little fellow. Go ahead and come in the house. I have some little green pellets waiting for you.

I'm leaving for Kansas City after Sunday church service. I'm hoping that Ralph will sleep much of the way if I drive during nap-time. Ralph has an Monday morning ENT appointment and an afternoon hearing aid consultation. Of course, I'm taking Ruby. I'm taking Thomas to help me. I'm also taking Jordan for kicks. I'll let you know how it goes!