Friday, August 28, 2009

Reason 10,001 why I don't believe...

Reason 10,001 why I don't believe in coincidence:

I just returned from a trip to Arizona with my mother and grandmother. My grandmother's youngest daughter, my mother's only sister, my aunt is dying of cancer. She has fought long and hard for several years now and her battle is coming to an end.

Her lung cancer spread to the brain a while ago. She was able to fly across the country to a specialized cancer center for treatment which bought her quite a bit of time. Time to spend with her daughter and her grandchildren. Time to spend with her son and future daughter-in-law. She is hoping to hang on long enough to meet a new little grand baby boy that is due in November. The time is so precious.

Grandma spent time with her daughter at the hospice center on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week before we had to fly home on Wednesday morning. How hard it must have been for her to say goodbye, or farewell, whatever the case may be! I could see it on her face and I could feel it in the little hand squeezes that she gave me that day.

On the flight from Arizona to Denver grandma and mom sat across the aisle from me and Ruby, mom on the aisle and grandma in the middle seat. (Four generations of women in one row!) In the window seat next to grandma was a woman that we did not know. Anyone who sits next to grandma better be ready to strike up a conversation!

So here is the thing, the woman in the window seat turned out to be a nurse in Tucson. Grandma asked her at which hospital she worked. She didn't work at any hospital but was a hospice nurse. Just the mention of hospice was enough to bring tears to grandma's eyes. But how precious it was for her to find out that the woman was a nurse at the very same hospice where she left her daughter the evening before! Grandma was assured that it was the very best facility in the whole city and that her daughter would be well cared for.

Thank you God for the little bit of comfort you gave to my mother and grandma in the middle of their sadness. I believe that you care deeply for us all and are actively at work in our lives. You have also known the sorrow of the loss of your son, Jesus, so you know exactly what we need. Thank you for making a way for us to be reunited in heaven. Amen.