Monday, February 15, 2010


Ralph just came to me carrying his hearing aid canister. He gave it to me and then started pointing to his ears. How about that?!

So I put his hearing aid in his ear and I sat down to help him play with his jack-in-the-box. He tilted his head while the music played. I hope that he can hear a distinct difference in the quality of sound with the hearing aid in.

Then he spotted the PS3 controller sitting on the side table. He grabbed it and shoved it in my hands and he started to say Caillou!!! Well, I knew what he was saying, but it really sounds like saying ooooooo with your lips pressed together.

We use the PS3 to watch Netflix movies on the TV. He knows that he can watch Caillou whenever he wants. Cool, huh?

I like the ways that he is growing up. Being able to ask for something that you want to do is a really great step.


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