Friday, February 5, 2010

When you say retard... are talking about him. And he is NOT stupid.

Many thanks to The Unknown Contributor for telling the unvarnished truth.

Whenever you say “that’s retarded” or “Stop being retarded” you are referencing my daughter. You are saying that something is stupid, like my daughter. That it is useless, like my daughter, worthless like my daughter.

The medical community (uh, unlike general society) has figured out the connection between the insult and the basis for our understanding of the insult, and they have moved to change the terminology used to describe people like my child. She is now cognitively delayed.

Do you know why they changed the terminology? Because mentally retarded people are not a synonym for stupid, or ineffective, or useless, or uncooperative, or worthless. So do them a favor and delete the slur “retard” from your vocabulary.If you are not willing to do that, then maybe it is time to admit that something in your upbringing has retarded your sense of decency.


Maria and Family said...

Beautiful :) your son is beautiful!