Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Days!

Finally! We got some measurable snow here! You never know from one winter to the next if you will see snow or not in this part of the country. I finally had an excuse to drag out the thrift store snow pants for Ralph.

Wait! Let's bundle you up a little bit more.
That's better. Ralph's first ever romp in the snow!

Rose wearing dad's boots? One brown, one black!

Thomas spent the whole weekend shoveling. The WHOLE weekend. He got a little warm after a while. He cleaned the driveway and built three snow forts.
I spent the weekend mopping up puddles by the front and back doors. Priceless!


therextras said...

Ralph exceeds his own cuteness with every season! Love the snow pants!

I will answer your question later today, and I'm going to link this post into my post tomorrow - you will understand then. Barbara

Bugg's mama said...

What a sweet lil' guy! I have a 3 year old special guy, too!