Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing Our Joy! A Giveaway!

So if you guessed that this week is exciting because of Ralphie's birthday, give yourself a pat on the back!! His 5th birthday has creeped up on me. I'm suddenly dealing with a bunch of jumbled emotions. My fragile, smooshy little baby is a baby no more. And he's not fragile anymore either!

Ralphie in March 2010
I've always wanted to make a HUGE deal out of each of his birthdays. The first one was spent, guess where? The hospital. His second we had a new baby Ruby. His third we were preparing to adopt. I'm trying to remember number four...brain fog must have set in last year. Life around here is non-stop drama!

Now I'm running into a time crunch. Sunday is the big day and I have NO CLUE what to get for him. (Well, I was sorta looking at those Plasma Cars, what do you think?) I don't even know what kind of cake I can pull together before then, or if I'll end up at W@lmart after church asking them to write his name on a purple and orange monstrosity from the cooler.

So I need your help.

I need present and/or cake ideas for a 5 year old boy. Leave them in a comment here on the blog on this post. Facebook comments don't count this time. :) I need ideas right away (for realz!! help a mommy out!), but I'll leave the comments open until midnight on Saturday. Links are mucho bueno, so helpful.
Sunday I'll set up a spreadsheet with your names and choose a random winner for a $25.00 Amazon gift card! I'll announce the lucky winner here at Ralphcrew. Fun, huh? Thanks for reading what I have to share, even when it's boring. And thank you for letting me share my joy.

Now get crackin'. I need ideas. Fast!!


krista said...

The plasma car is an awesome idea and Imagine That Toys at 29th and Rock Road can hook you up with one. Tell Gwenn that I said Hi. As for the cake, I have a friend that is selling cupcakes for a cause. She does all sorts of cupcake cakes. Her name is Kim Stokes. Let me know if you would like her info.

Carissa said...

I could totally see a pengu cake! Buy some molding chocolate or fondant in black and white (you can color a little white into orange for the feet and beak) and let the kids make their own pengu toppers! It's much like playdough. You can find it at the cake deco stores. You could even get the cupcakes mentioned already and let them do the pengu toppers! It would even work if you're inviting friends from school!

They have plasma cars at Towne East on the lower level near Dillards, I think. They sell them at one of the booths in the middle of the hall.

Holly said...

The plasma cars are so cool! I am thinking of getting my 6 year old one!

For a cake, I vote anything Star Wars (the Lego Star Wars cakes are super cute) but then again, we are kinda Star War buffs :D

Amy said...

I think this helicopter teeter-totter is awesome!
Of course, a cake with a helicopter theme to match! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!:)

Amy said...

I think this helicopter teeter totter is awesome!
Of course, a helicopter themed cake to go with it? Happy 5th birthday, sweet boy!;)

Melissa said...

Sand & water table! If he's like any preschooler they love playing in the water, and the other kids will, too!

Julia said...

THOMAS TRAINS... YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!! That's my suggestion so enter me in the drawing.. We have so many Thomas trains in this house I can't walk without having to maneuver around them. Aaron thinks they are seriously the best toy in the entire world. . His next best toys are the tiny micro machines that used to be really popular when my boys were little. We had tons. Then got rid of them. STUPIDEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE! Now they are collectors items. Some of those machines that the boys had are worth a fortune now. sigh sigh sigh. We did get Aaron a small boxful of them and they go everywhere with us. They are small though and if your babes are prone to putting stuff in their mouths... DON'T GET THE MICRO MACHINES!!

Kelly said...

Nerf gun, nerf swords, trampoline, play mobile pirate shop....

Bloo red armadillo cake ;).

Jill said...

Ok, I've only had one boy pass the 5 yr mark and you've had.... how many??? :-) So, sorry, no ideas for gifts, but thanks for plasma car link. I had not seen those before! I could see that being VERY popular here. You'll probably end up needing more than one though. LOL

As far as cake goes, do any friends have a friend that makes cakes at home as a side business? What about those amateur cupcake decorators for your cupcake fundraisers? I bet they could come up with some great ideas - and might have time to do it before Sunday. Maybe a 3-D race car or something to go with the plasma car?

Not sure that counts as an entry for the giveaway, but it's the best this tired mama has right now!

Hishandmaid said...

My children are pitching in ideas. We hadn't seen the plasma car, now my 14, 12 7 and 5 year old each want one. There are great things to choose from on this site
and I vote for an ice cream cake!

Anonymous said...

This may be a longshot .. but this cake looks awesome!

As far as gifts we are way into our r/c inflatable shark!
Shawnda Hicks

Jolene said...

The Plasma Car looks AWESOME and perfect for a 5-year old boy! My kids watched the video on their site with me and all voted that they would like one too. :-)

And, since you're in the mood for a car as a present (possibly), how about a cake that has cars on top? I saw this link and thought it was a good starting point and something doable:

Very cool giveaway! :-)

Happy Birthday, Ralphie!!!