Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Max

This may be the theme for the next few weeks...more Max!

We had a very short visit today as we still had paperwork to complete. For some reason, the notaries in this city do not care to do paperwork associated with adoption. Notaries here are much different than in the states. Here, they are actually more like lawyers and are responsible for the content of the documents they prepare.

Max is a ton of fun! He's going to have a blast in our family. 

I saw a mother visiting her teenaged daughter this morning. The mom had brought her some breakfast.  As the girl was eating, between bites, she repeatedly asked her mom, "do you love me?" And my heart broke all over again.


Carissa said...

Max to the MAX!! Keep the photos of that sweet boy coming!!

That story of the mom and daughter broke my heart! How sad for that girl that she doesn't even know without a shadow of a doubt that her mama loves her. :(

Lindy said...

Goodness he looks like a lot of fun!!! So cute!!!

Seeing the teens at the orphanage this time was actually harder then seeing all the babies. So hard to imagine a life without a mommy and daddy saying they love you:(