Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Oh goodness! My Ralphie is sick!

I learned last night that he had to be taken to the hospital with low oxygen sats. I felt that cold fear grip my heart again, that fear that I thought I conquered years ago. 

I'm too far away to do anything but wait for more information. I have to be patient and trusting. Please pray for my little rock star. He's not doing well tonight. I understand the he might get worse before he gets better. 

There are two other little boys with Down Syndrome that are fighting for their lives tonight. Please remember Ethan and Peter in your prayers as well. I know their families would be grateful. 


Leslie said...

Praying for all of these precious boys and their families too!


Jill said...

You know I'm praying!!!

(Sarah tells me that "Yup. Richie and Chipper are brothers.") :-)

But seriously, you and the boys and the whole family are in our constant thoughts and prayers.