Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's almost 11am and Ruby is still sleeping. I keep checking on her and she's definitely still alive, so I'll let her sleep as long as her body needs to sleep.

Kansas State assessments are over for my homeschoolers. Just a few more weeks and they will be finished with school altogether. I may have two or three kids studying at home next year. Haven't quite decided yet. I'm agonizing over it, really. Adding to the list of decisions I need to make.

Today feels like spring, finally. Good thing because Hammy has a zoo field trip today! So glad he has a nice sunny day to visit the zoo with his friends. Tomorrow will be cold and rainy again. Just like me, spring cannot seem to make up it's mind.

Despite the snow and ice, the dandelions are not afraid. They are blooming in all their glory. Our yard has more puffy yellow dots than the neighbors, so today I took a bucket and a short helper out to the front yard. We picked as many bits of sunshine that we could fit in our little bucket.

Back inside, I spent half an hour cutting off the stems and bases, throwing the petals into a pan. We are making dandelion syrup! I just boiled the petals and will let them sit in the fridge overnight to infuse. They smell a bit like cooked spinach. Tomorrow we will add the sugar to preserve. I love to try new things and the kids are fascinated with the concept of foraging.