Monday, April 1, 2013

Thank you, Lifetouch!

I found two picture packets in Theo's backpack.


I've had a few kids in the school system, and I've seen many picture packets in my day. I've never had a child come home with two packets.

So I did a little investigating.

I found out that the Lifetouch folks spent some extra time with Theo on picture day. He would NOT sit on that box (do you remember sitting on that school picture box?) His teacher said they probably took twenty shots of him.

They sent two packets for me to pick the one I like best. How sweet is that?

As a rule, I don't buy school pictures. I take a lot of photos and prefer informal shots. This time though, I think I'll buy a few sheets. Simply because they took the time to make sure I had nice photos of my wild child.

Thanks Lifetouch!


Anonymous said...

thats really lovely. I have a friend who's sonthey took the back of his head as he wouldn't turn around and this was for the photo's that went out to all the parents. w can giggle about it now i have the pic on my fridge as a reminder of how some dont tae the time to care and a reminder of what our kid have against them... what we have before us to chang.
now this warms my heart.

Anna said...

Oh I love that photo. (And the fact that they spent extra time with your good looking little man)

Leah S. said...

They do that every spring here. The spring pictures are different than the typical fall pictures. Here they can even choose to have a friend in the picture with them. I always love the spring pics. Some years I've gotten as many as 4 choices for the pictures!