Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Would you like a calculator with that cake?

As he was walking out of the house this morning, my husband struck me as so stinkin' hot that I decided to make him a pineapple upside down cake. It turned out a little dark...think he will notice?

So, instead of an awesome birthday party for Ralph and his friends, I'm going to take treats to his class at school. I'm trying to come up with something really creative. I'm lacking in this department so I'll be searching online photos for something fun.

Zhen ate something again. He has pica, a condition that compels him to eat non-food items. I can't remember if I have publicly shared this or not. He prefers rubbery or foamy items...craft foam, pool noodles, crib mattresses, rubber bands, balloons, and plastic shopping bags are all items that we have found in pieces in the potty. He knows it is wrong, so he sneaks around to feed, literally, this obsession.

This time he ate the rubbery buttons off of a calculator. *sigh* Never dull around here.


Anna said...

I'm assuming he is on vitamins/ smoothies to try and replace the nutrients and vitamins causing the pica. Mine is getting better, I had surgery a month ago to try and help the severe anemia- causing the overwhelming desire to eat ice, constantly. I've almost laughed at myself the past week when each day I think, " hey, I haven't eaten any ice today." Crazy but true! Love the pineapple upside down cake too btw.